I feel a bit like this Hydrangea… A few weeks ago, very happy in its little spot, it was uprooted and moved to a bed with more room for it to grow. 
I knew the spot was better, but it certainly didn’t, and for a week or so its leaves hung sadly and the buds stayed tightly shut. Rains came the same day we moved it and pelted it so hard, I worried if it would recover.

But recover it did and now it has spread out, enjoying the new space and blossoming the biggest blooms it’s ever had in the three years we’ve had it.

The transplantation process is always hard, whether we’re talking about plants or career paths, and while I can’t say whether or not I’ll blossom like this hydrangea, it’s encouraging for me to think of this little bloom, once shocked over its sudden change, flowering into something beautiful and strong.

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