I'm Kaely.Kaely's Portrait

It’s pronounced like “Kay-Lee”. My parents named me after a tragic 80’s rock ballad by the band Marillion and changed the spelling so my southern family wouldn’t separate my name into two names (like Ellie May). For my friends and family from the Baltimore area I’ll also respond to “Kale-lee” or, of course, the classic “Hon”.


My brother says I’m a “Creative Generalist” which is a more polished version of my usual “jane-of-all trades” moniker.

I design and maintain WordPress websites; handle all types of graphic design for print and web; manage and create content for multiple social media presences; write creatively for blogs or other content; and create, film, and edit video. You can see more in my Portfolio.

I started with web design as an angsty teenager, teaching myself HTML coding in order to publish my cringey poems to a wider audience. In college, I bought my own coffee shop (yep, you read that right) and, needing an affordable way to market myself, took extra classes in design on the side. I don’t own that shop anymore, but I did walk away with a crippling coffee addiction and a new love of creative communications. I love connecting with people, dreaming of possibilities, and working together to create something magical. I love telling a good story, casting the vision, and moving people upwards.


I live outside of beautiful Annapolis, Maryland with my charming husband Chris and my three kids: Isaac, Benjamin, and Juliana. You’ll find us playing board games or video games together and with our large and loud families.

I love the outdoors and animals, and spend as much time underwater or in a hammock as I can. I love to read but I find myself in the middle of three books at any given time and the stacks by my bed and on my desk are unruly (to put it mildly).


I’d love to chat. I’m available for freelancing requests or other questions. Just use the social boxes at the bottom of the page for your preferred method of communication.

About This Site:

This site is hosted on Github Pages. Here’s the original repo it’s based on. Much thanks to Lucas who slaved over the original. Type is the lovely Merriweather and Merriweather Light from Ebin Sorkin, served by Google Fonts.